Dopod 900: The Do-All Mobile Phone

The Dopod 900 is definitely one of the most expensive smartphones ever released, which would account for why you’ll seldom see anyone using it. I was one of the few proud and elite users of the Dopod 900, which I bought for $1100.00.
Yes, I know I could have bought a Laptop with that money, but who could resist a 3G smartphone with a gorgeous VGA screen, built-in Bluetooth/Wi-Fi that is built-in with a large, full QWERTY keyboard? Not this geek.

size was getting to me, putting it in my pants’ pocket did my image no good favors, I can tell you that, and the constant opening and closing of its screen was almost driving me nuts. After a few more months, I was actively looking for a different smartphone to become my daily driver.

Does that mean that the Dopod 900 was a bad buy? Not really. Let me explain why.

Every day, I carry with me wherever I go a bag full of tech goodies, and that bag contains a Laptop, digital camera and Nintendo DS (sometimes, also a Sony PSP). So when I want to type something, I would pull out my Laptop; if I want to take pictures, I’ll pull out my digital camera; and when I want to play a game, I’d use my Nintendo DS. Games, word processing and taking pictures can all be done with Dopod 900, but one cannot argue the fact that the stuff I carry with me can do a much better job. Like how the full-fledged digital camera can take better pictures than the built-in camera of the Dopod and how the gaming experience is better on the DS. Now, if only my work didn’t require me to carry all these, the Dopod 900 would have been a perfect fit for me.

This is a case where the Dopod 900 just didn’t match my lifestyle. The beauty of the Dopod 900 is that it is a jack-of-all-trades, but with the tech stuff I carry every day, it just became redundant.

As for the unit itself, there’s nothing much to complain about. My Dopod 900 still works beautifully even after subjecting it to numerous drops. The wireless feature is solid, and although I have experienced software crashes on it, I guess this is expected since it has many features crammed into it.

Bottom line

The Dopod 900 is really an expensive device, and buying it should entail a Lot of thinking on the buyer’s part. It’s a device which, when used to its full potential, can really make its price tag of $1100.00 really worth it.

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