Full Guide to Bullet Force

The Bullet Force is a First Person Shooter (FPS) online video game for mobiles through internet. Generally Bullet is a main part of gun and Force means an organized group of military, police or workers. In this game the player shoots and aborts their opponent team. You can use weapons and vehicles include military tank. If you want to win you must totally destroy your opponent team.

Four Multiplayer Game Modes in FPS:

  • Free for all
  • Team Death match is the power icons denoted by the four glowing icons with different properties. That four color balls are,
  • The Orange- it is a health power ball used for recharge your life.
  • The Blue- it is a stamina power used to recharge your energy.
  • The Aqua- it is a force power used for reduces the amount of damage you got.
  • The Yellow- it is a brute power used for increases the damages made by you.
  • Gun game and Conquest that means capture flags.
  • Bullet force cheats are usable.

Characters in Bullet Force:

There are some important characters are available in this Brute Force game. That are,

  • Tex:

Tex is a male human and he is a member of the squad. He will always have a heavy weapons and he has a fire weapon in each hand at a time. Tex can fights with rifles, cannons, missiles and other heavy and light weapons.

  • Hawk:

Hawk is a female human and she performs social actions like stealth. She can move without sound and footprint in stealth mode. Hawk’s primary weapon is hip-mounted pistol with silent power and etc.

  • Brutus:

Brutus is a male feral, his role is Shock trooper. His special attack is spirit of Vengar, allows Brutus to see enemies and it has a powerful charge attack. The Brutus is mostly rounded by the squad and he can able to carry the large weapon.

  • Flint:

Flint is a female human or cyborg, the role of flint is Sniper. Her special attack is an auto targeting, in this mode the flint can quickly and successfully find and eliminate her targets. She use the weapon is named as a back-mounted sniper rifle and black pistol.

Tips for play this Bullet Force Game:

  • Before starting a bullet force game check yourself what guns have been assigned to you.
  • Your life is depending on your light grenade or your strength, so protect that in careful.
  • The Hawk’s stealth is very useful to your team for easy to identify and destroy your enemies.
  • When a Hawk’s energy will get low find a place to hide, then she will be recharged.
  • When you see the cannon immediately fire that as well as you can.
  • Use Miscellaneous exploding barrels to kill your enemies by carefully it may kill you.

Weapons available in this game:

There are five types of weapons are available.

  • Light Weapons
  • Medium Weapons
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Grenades and
  • Miscellaneous Weapons


  • Light Weapons:

It contains Confed LZR-10, Saryl-23, Jax-iP, Foley 356 Tactical, K-Man Auto and MNR-7 Bio reactive. These are the normal and light weapons compared to others.

  • Medium Weapons:

These weapons are much better compared to light weapons, it contains Confed LZR-23, L-Shot 50, L-Shot 75, MK-ASLT, Jax-iR, Saryl-45, A10 Bio reactive, Rail RVR, Feral Cutter, Ion Beamer, Bower 20 and I Khan-GPL.

  • Heavy Weapons:

The heavy weapons are very heavy usage and weight compared to above two weapons. It contain Confed LZR-50, Saryl-99, Jax-iC, Rail CLVR, A50 Bio reactive, RVG 0 Mini gun, Plutonium Cutter, Sweeper and Thermal Sweeper V.

  • Grenades:

The grenades have Frag Grenade, Energy Grenade, Gas Grenade, Roller Grenade, Sonic Grenade, light Grenade and Sentry Mine.

  • Miscellaneous Weapons:

It has only melee weapon that is Haw’s Power blade in this game.

Bullet Force Game Features:

  • It provides single player campaign that means a series of military operations to achieve an objective in a particular area.
  • It gives multiple weapons to players for attack the opponents in easy manner.
  • It is also allow players to use vehicle in this game to move from one place to another place.
  • It is also provide single player team- death match mode.

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