Manage your weapons in Free Fire Battlegrounds

In the present world of Android and iOS platforms, the mobile games have gone to a great height. The fascinating screens and mechanism of the games have swayed the whole world. There are numerous games available for the gamers. But few have gained huge popularity. In the list of popular games, Free Fire Battlegrounds have gained a high rank. Every day more new gamers are joining in the battleground. Since this game is basically an action adventure game so handling weapons are very important. The main objective of the gamers is to rescue them in any type of danger and survive as long as possible. To become the winner the gamer needs to stay till last as the last survivor. Here, let us analyze some of the weapons to get some control in the game Free Fire Battlegrounds.

Three slots to be equipped with

Never try any garena free fire Hack as this online game does not allow any hack. Instead, know something about the various weapons. The game offers three slots for the weapons and at any point of time, the gamer can equip with three weapons. The weapons that the gamer doesn’t equip with will be added up in the inventory. The players need to switch between the equipped weapons. This becomes more important when the gamer is using Blue Stacks. The three slot that a gamer gets in the game is meant for one primary and a secondary weapon. The third slot fills up the sidearm. It must be noted that in the sidearm the gamer can only place the handguns. There is no restriction for primary and secondary slots and hence the player can put any weapons there. A fighter may have some special inclination for one particular weapon. In that case, the fighter can put the same preferred weapon in both the primary and secondary slots.

Weapon balancing is very vital

Though there is a great scope of various types of weapons, the gamer needs to maintain a balance with the weapons with which one would be equipped. One thing must be kept in mind that all the encounters require different weapons. For these reasons, each loot gives an opportunity for different types of weapons. With the same weapon, the fighter would not be able to handle all the situations. In any battle, the gamer had to go for three basic requirements. The weapons are required for the following three types of combat.

Close-Range: When the fighter had to kill his enemy who has come with a close range. The time when the sight gets red that suggests that some enemy has come with a very short distance.

Medium-Range: Some the enemy is neither close nor far off from the gamer. Here medium range weapons would be justified.

Long-range: Sometimes the enemy is far off from the game and only long-range weapons can meet the purpose.

So while using the weapon the fighter need to understand the range of the target. The success of the game depends a lot on the proper utilization of weapons.

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